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The Membrane Domain

yzark's Live @ the Agog-o...a musical album where the future meets the present.

The Band

Engineer: No One, Producer: No One This album was recorded directly to 2 channel stereo ... no multi-tracking or mixing. All music and lyrics written and recorded live ... just as you hear 'em ... two recording sessions put together to form an overview of human existence.

Mohs' Scale Rating: 5

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Nuttin' But Roadkill - Horton (Pitch Bender, Lighter) C.Moore (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) Bob (Bongos)

Tell Me Who You Think You Really Are - Wally (Guitar) C. Moore (Faux Sax, Keyboards, Vocals)

Everybody Gather 'Round - Capn' Figment (Percussion, Vocals?) C.Moore (Vocals, Dancin' Feet, Keyboards) Bob ( Bass, Vocals)

Not Quite As Hard - C. Moore (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) Bob (Bass)
Baby Won't Give it Away (.19M) / On A Steady Course - Wally (Guitar) Capn' Figment (Drums, Vocals?) C.Moore (Congas, Vocals) Bob (Bass)

Greatfully Dead - Wally (Guitar) Capn' Figment (Drums, Vocals?) C.Moore (Guitar, Congas, Vocals, Faux Sax) Bob (Keyboards)

Minor Problem - Wally (Guitar) Capn' Figment (Drums) C.Moore (Congas, Vocals) Bob (Keyboards)

Great Glistening Gobs of $ (.13M) - Horton (Guitar) C.Moore (Keyboards, Vocals) Bob (Bongos)

You Can't Unseat the Beat - Horton ( Pitch Bender) C.Moore (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) Bob (Bass)


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