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The Membrane Domain



A viewer is the software that lets you see this. What is this? Well, if your viewer has an option to "view source," try it. A viewer is sort-of like needing a pair of 3-D glasses to view a 3-D movie.

Different viewers are available. Perhaps the way you are viewing webs could be more pleasant. However you choose to view a web, knowing how to operate your viewer won't hurt. Go ahead. Try clicking on some of the menu options.


Since you've made it here, presumably you already have a viewer. However, if you have a text-only viewer, you may wish to upgrade to a graphics based viewer like:

  • Mosaic

  • from University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications


  • Netscape

  • from Netscape Communication Corporation

    Both of these are available on most FTP sites. If you have a question about FTP access(like, "what is it?"), e-mail the "Philadelphia Spirit Experiments' Help Department," and maybe we can help you out.

    Would you like to try your viewer out on a "giff" or "jpeg" ? (both are picture files) Here is a giff.
    Here is a jpeg.
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