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The Membrane Domain



A viewer is the software that lets you see this. What is this? Well, if your viewer has an option to "view source," try it.... A viewer is sort-of like needing a pair of 3-D glasses to view a 3-D movie.

Different viewers are available. Perhaps the way you are viewing webs could be more pleasant. However you choose to view a web, knowing how to operate your viewer wont hurt. Go ahead. Try clicking on some of the menu options.


Since you've made it here, presumably you already have a viewer ...However, if you have a text-only viewer, you may wish to upgrade to a graphics based viewer like:

  • Mosaic

  • from University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications


  • Netscape

  • from Netscape Communication Corporation

    Both of these are available on most FTP sites. If you have no FTP access,email "Philadelphia Spirit Experiments' Help Department" and maybe we can help you out.

    So now what?

    When you see a word highlighted, just click on it to be taken to that page. To go back, click on your viewers menu bar - "back." You can always page-back to the main menu.

    If you happen to be running on a slower internet link, please think twice before clicking on sounds. These files often hold 1-2M.

    here are some links to some other neat places that you might want to check out as well

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