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comes to us from Russia. There, among other things, he hosts a radio program.


is a multi-instrumentalist, as well as one of the founding members of The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment.


Baxters' "Anti-Zine" is a truly inspired work. His thoughts on The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment will be appearing here very, very soon. If you would like information on obtaining a free copy of his latest issue, click here for his email address. (He just asks that people who can help out send "a buck or two.")


Nate's a multi-instrumentalist for Cindy Stelton's band (and her husband).

Digital Yoda

Yoda plays guitars, pure vocal distortions, keyboards, harmonica, faux sax, bass, bongos and the hand held drill for


Very Important Person

Guests that are just "passing through" share this icon.

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