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Subject: Everythingtoknowaboutnotbreathin

Not Breathing interview

for FDR.

1) What are the origins of NB? Why the name Not Breathing?

Well... I've been making music for about seven years under different aliases. From deathrock/synth sludge (15/16) as Interfearence(with Hans Waggoner), to Microdot (solo) doing tekno related material (16/17) to the incarnate that is Not Breathing with Bruce Brindamour and now Amril Fladoos. NB has been a band about 3 years. The name was originally going to be Sleep Apnea.... which is when you stop breathing in your sleep. Thought that seemed a bit too pretentious.... The name just reflects the music perfectly.

2) What releases have you to date? Future plans?

Well, our first real release was the "Ode to She/Tah/Rah" / "Atlantis" 7" from Dagon Productions. We're about to flood the market with material... so watch out! We recently signed a deal with Visible Records out of San Francisco. They will be releasing a 12" ep titled "Event Horizon" in early January (I already have test pressings of these) and a CD in early February. Visible has put a lot of good trance/tekno releases out.....The CD should fit in somewhat with that vein... but it isn't... dig? Dagon Productions (who did the 7") out of Hunnington Beach will be releasing a CD of the darker/noiser material very soon as well. I'm real excited to do this CD, because we are going to go all out on the packaging... no jewel case here. We recently finished recording a collaboration with the Sacramento band Crawl Unit and will soon (label unknown as of yet) releasing a 12" with them ( "Crawl Unit Vrs. Not Breathing" ) sometime soon. Doug Grant (of Dagon) will be doing art- work for it. That should be one noisey/scary rekkid. Also have a track on the upcoming 2CD compilation "Rec.Music.Industrial's MIND/BODY" titled "The Shoggoth Walk"... which will be on the MIND disc. Too many things coming up!

3)since you've moved on to CD's will you still send out the tape releases? How do you view them in retrospect?

Yeah, I think the tapes will always be going out to my friends and family. The fifth one should be out in a few months. In retrospect... I still like them all. But you can definitely see the progression in my studio abilities from the early tapes to the latest ones. I'm going to be remastering all the demos soon (I have gotten a new tape deck and a new amplifier) so... people interested should contact me.

4)what's five performers or albums you would recommend to readers of this zine?

If your not already fluent with folks such as Klaus Schultze, Coil, O Yuki Conjugate, Sun Electric, etc... you should be. I'd definitely say check out my friends: Crawl Unit (from Sacramento), Instagon (Hunnington Beach), and Nada (from San Jose). Hey, are all great bands and great people. Crawl Unit does some very dark/noisy sludge. Instagon is a free-form noise band that does total improv live shows... I've even played guitar for them on one occasion. Nada (Robert riddle) does some really angst out material that's good for driving in heavy traffic. Definitely check them all out.

5)what kind of equipment do you use to record? Do you record mostly at home or in the studio?

Well.... a EmaxII, Roland101+202, Jupiter6 (half way destroyed by rain, sounds nice!), a sitar, a waterphone, Tibetan singing bells/bowls, six or seven didgeridoos, a very basic sequencer, a cello, mandolin, emu procussion, a guitar, etc... etc.... It grows all the time... it's sort of a collective. We have found the combination of Home/Studio to be the best. Actually.. I've never been in a real studio in my life.

6)what inspires your music?

Books, art, bad movies and strange experiences. Authors such as W. Burroughs, Clive Barker, Ali's Star, W. Barlowe, Robert Anton Wilson, Astanada and Peter Carroll. Artists such as David Em, David Lynch, Dali, Doug Grant. All of these people have songs dedicated to them from me... whether it's obvious or not. I don't know if I could get into the strange experiences... they may be too strange... I also get ideas in my head for movies (at random) ... and since