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The Membrane Domain



Our goal is to help you automate your law practice using the internet, cd-rom, downloadable software, advanced research techniques, the latest and fastest telecommunications devices and networks, in order to make the practice of law efficient, enjoyable AND profitable. We are also developers of specialized legal content in CD-rom, disk, and other formats. With our joint venture partners, such as DIGIROM, a New York based CD-ROM mastering and authoring facility (who has won grammy's for mastering CD's and has produced a cd-rom of Jazz Legends for the Smithsonian Institute, and THE MEMBRANE DOMAIN, a highly rated McKinney's four star web site/think tank, and other network, html, hardware and other developers, we are attempting to disseminate the latest technology to the legal profession at the lowest possible cost. In conjunction with PHILANET, we sponsor internet technology seminars for professionals and entrepreneurs. LET LAWTOMATION BE YOUR ROADMAP TO THE LEGAL INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY !!! (and YES, we are available for consulting services! and YES we are accepting submissions for publication, and YES , Lawtomation is accepting resumes!!!!!


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