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Opening Message. Our reason for being.
Author's Message (Bill Gorman Says...).
Places to Go
Home and Hearth
A Little Local Pride
Stories 'n Such
Mosaic's Point of Origin
Ultimate Internet References Documents ... So Far
Commercial Products and Services.
Servers: Apple, DEC, HP, IBM, MicroSoft and SUN.

Places To Go

So What's so special? These are places, references, magazines, URL's, or what-sha-ma-call-its that make interesting reading, viewing, travelling or whatever.

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Home and Hearth.

Home and Hearth is our comfort section. It is about the affairs of everyday life and just plain living. We would like to "grow" this section.

Country Fare is a Palo Alto restaurant which publishes information about it's menu, an occasional recipe, as well as directions to their establishment. Their mailing list includes subscribers from the United Kingdom and Norway.

Prince Edward Island Craft Council maintains a database of craft suppliers. This is among the more unique "entities" on the net.

The rest of the links are to "news" servers. Your success with these linkages will depend on the "news feed" provided by your "internet service provider".

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A Little Local Pride.

By using a familiar spacial reference, we can say that we are located in the city of Victoria, in the province of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada.

In addition to representing a local view to the World Wide Web, the University of Victoria and Camosun College WWW servers provide the opportunity to cross over to the world Gopher servers. Like all Net starting points, the view does not remain local for very long.

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Mosaic's Point of Origin

Mosaic was the first HTTP client program that I used. I have a certain amout of loyalty to it as a result. It is not the only client program that I use.

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Stories 'n Such.

Everyone has a story. Shoot, it might even be true. Send us a story and every week we will try to publish a few. A short story is desired. A story that you might tell around your table when guests are over, or perhaps over the phone to a friend. Let us revive the oral tradition. Why? Well because that is what folks do ... tell stories that is.

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Using the Internet to Explain the Internet.

There are many references out there promoting the understanding of the internet itself, as well as promoting products of use to an Internet traveller.

Want to know about HTTP, URL's, FTP, EMAIL, NEWS and so on, and so on, and so on? Try this next reference, but be advised that many of the documents here tend to be a little technical.

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Links to Commercial Products and Services

These references are a casual selection of links to Internet enterprises offering service or products. The only selection criteria used to include them here are, that the URLwas suggested or stumbled upon and the "presentation" is interesting. Some of these links represent established businesses exploring a new method of delivery. Individual companys are featured first with commercial lists following.

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Patron Companies

Some companys are recognizable at a glance. Surely references to the following belong here. The products of these companys are visible to us daily. I suppose in some sense they, and others are the patrons of this unfolding event.

Apple | DEC | HP | IBM | MicroSoft | Sun and Sunergy |

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