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Rock n' Roll Romper Room Roster

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Who Will Rock and Roll-Over First?

The idea is not to romp on each other. No, quite the contrary. The Romper Room is a place for high-spirited interaction. Once you are invited in, you may stay as long as you like.

This is a rare opportunity to view a microcosm of how the "music business" ought to operate. Guests in the romper room include: record company executives, management companies, band members, media types, members of the Think-Tank and maybe even you.

The Rock n' Roll Romper Room Roster

About The Roster

Following is a list of the players, their romper room insignia, and their hobbies. Their icon will always appear before they speak. If you forget who they are, just come here.

The icon has two parts. The top half is unique to the individual. The bottom half represents their hobby. (Clicking on the icon in the Romper Room will reveal a somewhat relevant surprise.)

Some of these links have been left un-passworded ... so you can check it out for free ... and, there are secret links in this web, too. You can find the password for free access or take claim to a free cassette featuring people in The Romper Room, however; we are trying to support our eating habit, so ....

The Roster

C. Moore Teetes

Seamore is a multi-instrumentalist ... playing, singing and producing with


Merc is a reasonable A&R person (is that an oxymoron?) She scouts the world for bands to sign to Mercury Records.

The Jester

The Jester writes an ascii rock "zine." Take a trip to his home page.


Sidd is an all around wizard. Not only is he mystical, but also magical. His hobbies include: low temperature physics, communications, writing, and professional wrestling.

Sidd is the current "World Champion of 'Bahn Sirphin'."


The Seattle based independent record label is usually good for a laugh.

G? B.R.O.U.S.E.

G? B.R.O.U.S.E. operates The Internet Gazette and Glistening Trail Records (and prefers to remain anonymous).

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